Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2014

Ebola Google+ photographers want to help

According to the statement of the World Health Organization WHO the countries Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and the Senegal are affected by the current Ebola outbreak. The number of reported cases up to now amounts to about 16.000 (as per November 2014). Corresponding to the WHO 5689 people passed away so far due to the virus. The number of infections increases constantly and is no longer limited to the African continent.
In the involved countries everything is missing to struggle against this epidemic effectively.
Everybody can and should provide a small contribution in support of the numerous help organizations, who are involved in the affected countries.
On a daily basis photographers and people, who are photo enthusiasts post their pictures in social networks – thousands little moments from all over the world.
The idea was born – to put together a coffee-table book, whose complete revenues will be donated to "Doctors Without Borders".
Several hundreds of photographers and photo enthusiast allocated their work gratuitous.
Awesome pictures out of all area of photography – personal contributions against this terrible epidemic plague Ebola.
Sadly, only a small fraction of all these pictures can be presented in this book.
Thanks to all participants.

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